Stockmann MasterCard features

As a MyStockmann customer, you can take advantage of the MyStockmann loyalty programme benefits as well as a flexible charge and credit card with no annual fee.

Get an interest-free payment period of 30 days on average

Stockmann Mastercard is a charge and credit card but you can also add the debit feature (a Nordea bank account) to your card. The credit limit allows you to make larger purchases and offers flexibility in the event of unexpected changes.

  • When you receive the invoice, you can decide whether to pay the total amount (charge feature) in which case no interest or account management fee is charged. If you prefer to repay your purchases in several monthly instalments (you use the credit facility), the interest and account management fee are charged. You can always see the transactions and costs to be charged on the invoice.
  • You can take two (non-consecutive) instalment-free months a year. This means that interest on the instalment-free period and other credit costs, if any, will be added to your next invoice.
  • When filling in the card application, you can select the due date of the invoice and the repayment amount (minimum repayment percentage).
  • You can make payments securely in online shops with your card. Please make sure that you have enabled online payments in the OmaLuotto-service or in Nordea Netbank, for example.
  • Your Stockmann Mastercard includes the contactless payment feature which you can use when paying with the credit facility. You can pay for purchases under 50 euros simply by holding your card close to the payment terminal without having to enter your PIN.
  • The contactless payment feature is activated when you make your first purchase with the credit facility and accept it with your PIN.
  • You can link any number of parallel cards to your principal card for family members aged 15 or older.
  • Monitoring your credit card transactions is easy in Nordea Netbank or, if you are another bank’s customer, in the OmaLuotto-service and in Nordea Wallet.
  • In the OmaLuotto-service, you can see the available balance on your card as well as transfer money from your card’s credit facility to your bank account. You can also set geographical and online usage restrictions on your card.
  • You get to choose your PIN yourself in the OmaLuotto-service or in Nordea Netbank.
  • All card-related costs are available under “Tariff” at the bottom of this page.
  • You can make payments securely in online shops with your card. Just make sure that you have enabled online payments in the OmaLuotto service or in Nordea Netbank, for example. You also need to have the Nordea ID app, which you can activate with your bank’s online banking codes. (Please note that you don’t have to be a Nordea customer to use the Nordea ID app.)

Pay with phone – use your charge card and membership benefits on the go

With Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can easily pay for purchases in stores using your phone. It works like a contactless payment but the only limit is your available balance. Why not attach Apple Pay or Google Pay app to your Stockmann Mastercard today? It only takes a minute to activate.

MyStockmann app includes the QR code for your Loyal Customer card, which will make it easier for you to make payments with your phone and to avail of your membership benefits at Stockmann’s.

You can activate Apple Pay or Google Pay by using your bank’s online banking codes in the Nordea Wallet app.

You can activate Nordea Wallet with the online banking codes of Nordea, Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, OmaSp, Osuuspankki, S-Bank or Ålandsbanken.

Welcome to the future - new contactless payment solutions

Now you can pay your purchases of less than 50 euros with a ring or a keyfob, for example. Read more about the new contactless payment solutions and products at new window. You can use the contactless payment feature when paying with the credit facility of your Stockmann Mastercard. 

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You decide where your card can be used

Geographical restrictions increase the security of your Stockmann Mastercard use, as the card can only be used in the places you have authorised when you make payments with your card or withdraw cash at an ATM. The restrictions do not apply to online purchases and can be set until further notice or for a fixed period.

There are four areas to select from: Finland, Nordics and Estonia (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland), Europe or worldwide.

You can set the geographical restriction free of charge, for example, in the OmaLuotto-service (with your bank's online banking codes) and in Nordea Mobile and Nordea Netbank (with Nordea’s access codes), and it will start to apply instantly.

We wish you luck and every success, university student! 

Credit card will make your student life easier. You can get a card as soon as you have been admitted to a university. With Stockmann Mastercard, there is no annual fee and your credit limit can be up to 2,000 euros.

You are eligible for a Stockmann Mastercard once you have accepted your admission to your current university of applied sciences or university. As a student, you are therefore not required to have a job or income to get a credit card.

Just follow the steps below:

If you are a new student, attach proof of your studies at a university of applied sciences or a university (your letter of admission or a copy your student card) to your application. A printout of your student record online is sufficient.

Apply online (by clicking the link above) or contact Nordea Customer Service or Stockmann’s Loyal Customer Service.

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Nordeasta Tanja Eronen vastaa kysymyksiin vastuullisesta sijoittamisesta, sekä miten voit esimerkiksi seurata oman kulutuksesi vastuullisuutta.

Vastuullisesti sijoittamalla ja säästämällä voit vaikuttaa muuhunkin kuin omaan talouteesi. Jos esimerkiksi ympäristö, ihmisoikeudet tai työolojen parantaminen ovat sinulle tärkeitä arvoja, voit ottaa ne huomioon sijoituskohteita valitessasi.

Yhteistyössä joustavaan taloudenhallintaan Stockmann Mastercard.

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