At the moment, we don't grant export registration to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. 

If your car has been financed under a finance agreement, you will need written permission (an export registration document) from Nordea Finance to take the vehicle out of the country. We recommend that you order an export registration document well in advance and at least two weeks before the start of your journey. The export registration document is delivered by secure email to corporate customers. For private customers, the export registration document is delivered to Nordea Omaposti. Log in to Nordea Omaposti with your bank's online banking codes. As a Nordea customer, the document is delivered also to Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile. If you are travelling outside Estonia or Scandinavia the document will be delivered also by post to your home address. 

We will charge a fee of 30 euros for the export registration. In most cases, an export registration is valid for 3–6 months. In exceptional cases, the export registration is granted only for the duration of the trip. 

If you place an urgent order for an export registration that is delivered on the same day, you will be charged a fee of 55 euros. Check the tariff for corporate customers. Please note that if you are starting your trip on a weekend or a Monday, you must place your order by 14.00 on the preceding Friday to give us enough time to process your order.

When you travel to Åland from Finland, you won't need a permission to take your vehicle abroad. When taking your vehicle to abroad or to Åland, you must take with you the technical part of the registration certificate which you can order directly from Traficom’s e-Services or your nearest vehicle inspection facility. Please remember to also check with your insurance company that your insurance cover is valid abroad before you travel. 

Permission to take a vehicle abroad can be granted for:

  • Travelling in Europe (subject to the restrictions below)
  • The duration of the trip (maximum 6 months)

An export registration is not granted for trips outside Europe. If your destination is Moldova, Kosovo or Turkey, please contact Nordea Finance Customer Service at 0200 86210 (local network charge/mobile call charge). Export registrations for moving a vehicle to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine are not granted until further notice.

You are entitled to get permission if:

  • You have not missed any lease payments under your finance agreement
  • You have valid motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies
  • Your insurance premium payments are up to date
  • Your insurance covers damage to the vehicle for which permission is requested and damage to the vehicle of the other party involved in your destination.

If you do not meet the criteria when your permission is being processed, we will contact you by phone.