Private and Corporate customers

Our Customer Service serve you and our other customers as soon as possible. Before calling, please see if you can handle your issue in our self-service channels above.

Private and corporate customers service for matters concerning: credit cards, credits, hire-purchase and leasing.

Mon, Fri 9:00-16:00 and Tue, Wed, Thu 9:00-14:00

0200 86210* (in Finnish and English)

0200 86211* (in Swedish and English)

*(local network charge/mobile call charge)

Flexibility and payment holidays

Do you need some flexibility for your monthly payments? It’s possible and easy to do by yourself through our self-services. You will find more specific instructions and other useful advice from the link below.

Read more about different self-services

Customer service for corporate cards

Matters regarding Nordea Business Mastercards and First Cards, service in Finnish, Swedish and English.  

Open Mon–Fri 8.00–17.00

  • Tel 0200 52100 First Cards (local rates apply*)
  • Tel 0200 52300 Nordea Business Mastercards (local rates apply*)                               
  • Log in to First Card online service                

Credit decisions for Equipment Finance vendors

Open Mon–Fri  9–16 (local rates apply*)

tel. 09 5300 6970 

Factoring and AssetMaster customers

Factoring customers

Open Mon - Fri 8.30–16.00

09 1658 9473*

AssetMaster customers

Open Mon - Fri 8.30–15.30

09 1658 9190*

*(local network charge/mobile call charge)

Credit and Collection

Open Mon - Fri 9–12

Non collateral cards and consumer loans

tel. 0200 20880

select 1

Collateral products (leasing, hire-purchase, retrieval, realization)

tel. 0200 20880

select 2

*local network charge / mobile call charge)