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Half of the cars in Finland are still bought with cash but there are more and more new forms of finance available these days.

At Nordea, we offer a wide range of finance options from the conventional hire purchase agreement and the new residual value based hire purchase agreement in partnership with car dealerships to secured and unsecured consumer credit and leasing.  

Choosing the right finance depends on your circumstances and lifestyle. In the example below, you can see the monthly payments and agreement periods in different finance options for a 18,000-euro car. Please note that the calculations are not fully comparable, as the down payments and credit opening fees may vary. The currently valid prices and finance terms and conditions are always checked when applying for credit. 

When you want to own a car

You can buy a car directly from a car dealership with monthly payments that suit your budget. Whether you want a new or a used car, there is no need for security as the car itself serves as security.

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When you only want to pay for your use of the car

With Laakkonen’s leasing finance, you can be driving a new car without any down payment needed. You just pay a fixed monthly payment and get to use the car for 2–4 years, depending on your needs. If your monthly payments are up to date, you can return it to the car dealership on the expiry of your agreement.

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When you want a long repayment period

It is often possible to negotiate a longer repayment period with your bank when you can provide security, such as a house or flat. This gives you flexibility with your repayment plan and often brings the interest rate down.

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