A safe and easy way to finance your travels and online purchases

Convenient one-off credit which helps you finance your travels and online purchases

Submit your credit application in connection with booking a trip or directly in the online store

eCredit is a one-off credit that allows for secure payment of trips and online purchases. You can submit your credit application when booking a trip or shopping online. Any bank’s customers can apply for eCredit with their online banking codes and get the credit decision instantly. 

You can borrow between 200 and 10,000 euros depending on the amount of your purchase. When you are about to confirm the trip you want to book or pay for the online purchases you have in the shopping cart, select eCredit as the payment method.

eCredit in brief

  • One-off credit.
  • No opening or annual fees.
  • You are entitled to apply for eCredit if you are 23 or older and do not have any payment defaults.
  • Repayment period is 6–84 months depending on the credit amount.
  • The interest is determined on the basis of the total amount of your purchases.

Apply for eCredit when booking a trip or shopping online

And repay it in instalments that suit your budget

Apply for eCredit in the online stores and services of our partners, such as Tjäreborg and TUI. Simply select eCredit as the payment method and we will give you a credit decision instantly. 

eCredit is a one-off credit and you can have more than one of them at the same time. 

You will receive the first invoice after your purchases have been delivered. After that, you will receive a monthly invoice by post. You can pay off your eCredit in full anytime. 

If you return some of the items you ordered or all of them, you will not be invoiced or your invoice will be adjusted according to the items delivered. 

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