I only want to pay for my car use

Today, owning a car is not considered as important as it once was. You can enjoy more carefree driving in many ways, if you only pay for the use of the car.

”What options do I have?”

As an alternative to owning a car, you have the option of leasing a car by getting FiksuDiili leasing finance provided by Laakkonen together with Nordea Car Finance.

What should I know about leasing?

Car leases are usually either financial leases or full-service leases. With a financial lease, a fixed-term lease agreement is concluded. This is a suitable form of finance for you if you want pay a fixed lease payment and use a new car for the duration of the agreement period.

“What about a full-service lease then?”

At the moment, full-service leases are only offered to corporate customers. In full-service leasing, car servicing is built into in the monthly lease payments. When the agreement period ends, you can return the car to the car dealership without having to worry about the car’s depreciation, as the leasing company bears the full risk. 

“I don’t want to worry about car depreciation. Are there any options for me?”

Yes. In this case, we would recommend FiksuDiili hire purchase finance provided by Laakkonen. With this form of finance, you sign an agreement for 2–4 years and pay a fixed amount every month. There is no need for a down payment or security, as the car serves as security. After you have paid off all of your monthly payments, you simply return the car to the dealership at the end of the agreement period without any extra costs or risk of depreciation. 

Click here to find out more about FiksuDiili leasing finance.

What is included in the monthly payments?”

All agreements take into account normal use of the car within the agreed kilometre allowance. It is also easy to add an insurance policy to your monthly payment. 

Which dealerships offer financial leases or FiksuDiili leasing finance?”

Financial leases are available at Laakkonen’s dealerships. Laakkonen also offers FiksuDiili finance on selected models from 11 makes. See their offering hereOpens new window. 

How much is the monthly payment?”

Your monthly payments and agreement period can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Try the calculator on Laakkonen’s website to see how much the FiksuDiili cars would cost with different accessories.


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FiksuDiili hire purchase finance

  • Provided by Laakkonen
  • Selected models available from 11 makes
  • No down payment needed
  • Favourable credit decision required
  • Car serves as security
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Agreement for 2–4 years
  • Annual kilometre allowance agreed in advance
  • On the expiry of the agreement, you can return the car, buy it for yourself at a price agreed on beforehand or enter into a new agreement for a new car. You can also extend your current agreement by one year.


Finance leasing

Leasing tariff

Personal customers

Leasing tariff
Revision of repayment plan30 €
Transfer of agreement/change of holder150 €
Change of insurance company*
50 €
Registration/changes, in addition to the costs charged by Traficom20 €
Driving instruction permit30 €
Permission to take the vehicle abroad/same day processing as urgent30/55 €
Selling the asset to someone else than a domestic cash buyer for 1% of the purchase price, min.300 €
Copy of receipts or agreements, ordered reports or liability specification30 €
Investigations/changes agreed on separately, hourly rate in euros, min.75 €
Reminder letter/call (no VAT added)5 €
Cancellation of termination of agreement175 €
 *Other agreements concluded at the same time EUR 10 per agreement. Nordea Finance Finland Ltd’s tariff for consumers. The prices are exempt from value added tax. Deviations may be made from this tariff by virtue of the agreement terms and conditions. In addition, any external expenses incurred by Nordea Finance Finland from a measure are charged. This tariff is valid as of 1 September 2014.