PIN code

When paying purchases at shop payment terminals or making withdrawals at ATMs, you need the PIN of your card. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, you can make an order for a new one easily in the OmaLuotto service.

You can already choose a PIN for your card when applying for a card if you file the card application in Nordea Netbank or in Nordea Customer Service. You will then need your personal online banking codes. It will be easier for you to remember your PIN if you choose it yourself, but please ensure that it’s not too easy for someone else to guess. In the other credit application channels, Nordea will issue a PIN for your card.

Delivery of a new or forgotten PIN

You can have the PIN of a new card applied for in the OmaLuotto service, at a branch or in Nordea Customer Service delivered as a postal delivery to your home address.

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can order a new one in the OmaLuotto service or by calling Nordea Finance’s Customer Service.

Change the PIN of an existing card

You can change the PIN of your existing card to one you prefer. You can make the change easily in the OmaLuotto service under “Card settings” or in Nordea Netbank. There you can also update your card’s other features. When you change your PIN, your card will also be renewed. This is subject to a fee set in the tariff. If you change the PIN in connection with a scheduled renewal, the change is free of charge.