“I was thinking of getting a new car from a car dealership.” 

Whether you are looking for a new or a used car, Nordea Car Finance’s hire purchase is an easy way to buy a car directly from a dealership.  Hire purchase is a popular choice – about a half of all cars in Finland are financed on hire purchase.   

Once you have found a car you like in a dealership, ask your salesperson for Nordea Car Finance. They will take care of applying for and opening the credit for you. You only have to pay the down payment or trade in your current car. If you have a car and an existing finance agreement, please check your outstanding debt in our Car Finance self-service channels

“Which car dealerships offer hire purchase?” 

We have partnered with more than 200 car dealerships across Finland. Ask for Nordea Car Financing from your car dealer. 

"What does hire purchase mean?"

Hire purchase is a form of finance which leads to ownership. The car dealership works out a monthly payment that suits your budget and gives you a repayment period of up to six years. The car itself serves as security for the finance so there is no need for separate security. You are free to trade in the car or pay off your entire credit during the agreement period. Once you have paid off your credit, the car is yours to keep. Read more hereOpens new window. 

I found another viable option sold by a private owner on a trade car website.” 

When making trades between private persons, we recommend other types of unsecured and secured consumer credit. You could, for example, take out FlexiCredit, which offers flexibility and accommodates any changes to your personal circumstances. Get FlexiCredit from Netbank, Nordea Customer Service or Nordea branches.  

How do I work out the monthly payment for a car?

Our finance calculator helps you to calculate the monthly payment and costs related to a hire purchase agreement. 

You can also explore your FlexiCredit options by using the calculator in Netbank.


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