“What kind of car selection do you have?”

At present, you will have a wide variety to choose from – ranging from family cars to SUVs. Our selection also includes plug-in hybrids and electric cars. See our selection hereOpens new window. If we don’t have the car that would be a perfect match for you in our selection just right now, please contact our Customer ServiceOpens new window and ask for an offer on the car of your dreams.

 "What does the monthly price include?"

 All the financing costs related to your car

  • Motor liability insurance (can be chosen freely)*
  • Kasko all-risk insurance (can be chosen freely)*
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Temporary replacement vehicle for the period of scheduled maintenance
  • Small accessories, such as windscreen wiper blades and bulbs in connection with maintenance
  • Oil and radiator fluid (in connection with maintenance)
  • Technical repairs outside maintenance
  • Summer tyres with rims
  • Winter tyres with rims
  • Seasonal tyre changes
  • Tyre replacements
  • Inspections
  • 24/7 road service

 * The monthly price of online orders may include insuranceOpens new window, according to your choice. See further details of the agreement terms and conditions hereOpens new window.

 “What should I do if I don’t find a suitable car or outfitting?”

If you don’t find your preferred car model from our selection, you are welcome to request a bid for any car model.

 “How long will an agreement be valid and what is the maximum permitted mileage per year?”

The validity of an agreement is either 12, 24 or 36 months, and the maximum permitted annual mileage is 10,000–30,000 km. If you want to extend the annual mileage, request an offer from usOpens new window!

I would like to trade in a leased car”

If you are looking to trade in a car mid-term, please contact the car dealership and salesperson from whom you leased the car. The salesperson will inspect the car and fill in a form regarding the termination of your agreement. Nordea Finance will make a calculation which will determine the costs arising from the termination of the agreement.

 “What if I want to terminate my agreement before its validity ends?”

If you want to terminate your agreement before the lease period expires, you can notify us thereof 30 days in advance, return the vehicle and pay the termination fee as well as the excess mileage and repair costs, if any.

The termination fee is 30% of the taxable lease amount for the period between the date the vehicle was returned and the expiry date of the agreement period, but always at least an amount corresponding to a three-month lease.

The repair cost is charged if the vehicle must be upgraded to a condition corresponding to its age and mileage.

 “What will happen when the agreement period ends?”

Upon the expiry of your agreement, you must return the vehicle with accessories to a place of return or you can extend the validity of your agreement if you so prefer.

 “How do I get Autoleasing?”

It is very simple: go to our website at autoleasing.fiOpens new window, choose a car and equip it with the accessories you like. Once you have obtained a credit decision, you can confirm your identity with any bank’s online banking codes, and you will receive your car within 2 to 4 months brought to your home address or you can pick it up from the car dealership.