Nordea Omaposti is your digital mailbox, which enables easy and convenient banking with us in the privacy of your own home.

In Omaposti, you can receive messages and documents from Nordea Finance, reply to messages, send attached files and sign agreements with Nordea Finance.

Via Omaposti, you can both send and receive messages and documents from Nordea and Nordea Finance even if you do not have Nordea’s access codes. Use Nordea Omaposti with your bank’s online banking codes.

In Nordea Omaposti, you can conveniently send attachments as well as receive and sign agreements. Log in to Omaposti with your bank’s online banking codes. As a Nordea customer, you can also contact us in Nordea Netbank or Nordea Mobile by clicking or tapping ‘Contact us’. 

You get a notification of a message received

We will send you a notification as an SMS or via email once there is a message or document waiting for your action in Omaposti. To make sure that our notifications will reach you, please keep your mobile phone number up to date. You can inform us of a change of your number via Omaposti and in the OmaLuotto service. 

Nordea Omaposti is a secure communication channel

Not only a digital mailbox but a communication tool

In Nordea Omaposti, you can

  • receive encrypted messages, notices and agreements sent by Nordea Finance
  • sign agreements and documents digitally
  • send encrypted messages and attached files to Nordea
  • save agreements to your computer or print them out. All digitally signed agreements and files will be conveniently archived in Omaposti, thereby removing the need for you to keep a separate archive.
  • check all agreements you have signed
  • review previous messages and agreements.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions of use for OmapostiOpens new window before you log in to the service. By logging in to the service, you accept the terms and conditions as binding on you.

How to access Omaposti

  • You can log in to Nordea Omaposti either by clicking the button icon or the Login link at the top of this page. 

What you need to use Omaposti

  • You will need the online banking codes of a Finnish bank in order to use Nordea Omaposti.
  • Please note that other banks’ online banking codes are also accepted besides Nordea’s access codes. 
  • You are not required to have a valid customer relationship with us for sending or reading messages. 

How to find messages and documents sent to you

  • You can find the messages and documents sent for you to read or for your information under ‘Other documents and messages’. 
  • Here you can also find the documents you have signed earlier and the outdated documents and the ones that you have rejected. 
  • You can recognise an arrived message from the title ‘Message’. 

Where do I find the documents to be signed?

  • You can find the agreements waiting for your signature under ‘Agreements to be signed’. 
  • In the same section, there may be terms and conditions applicable to these services and other documents that form part of an agreement or that must be sent to you before concluding an agreement. 
  • Before you sign any agreements, please read the documents sent to you under ‘Agreements to be signed’. 
  • Please inform us if the contents of the documents do not correspond to what you have agreed on with us. 

How do I sign digitally?

  • You can view and sign documents by clicking the ‘Sign’ button. 
  • You can sign an agreement digitally with your online banking codes. Any bank’s codes are accepted. 
  • By signing an agreement, you provide the confirmations mentioned in the documents. The confirmations that must be given are determined service by service. 
  • For instance, you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of the service and have received the other documents listed in the document. 
  • In addition, by signing the documents digitally, you confirm that an application/agreement/undertaking made is binding on you in accordance with its terms and conditions and that you undertake to pay the fees agreed on and the payments charged for the service.