Our online and mobile services are available 24/7 so that you can use them when it best suits you

Do you need to change the geographical restrictions on your card or allow its online usage? Did you go shopping but left your wallet at home? Do you want to send us a message or an attachment?

Whatever the situation is, we offer a range of services that will solve your problem. For example, our OmaLuotto-service helps you with matters related to managing your credit facility, such as changing geographical restrictions, allowing online usage or ordering a new PIN.

If you find yourself at a store without a wallet, you always have Apple Pay or Google Pay at hand and can pay for your purchases with your phone.

Our Omaposti service is designed for secure communications and you can use it to send attachments, for instance. Log in to Omaposti with your bank’s online banking codes.  

Nordea's Omaposti

For secure communications

Nordea's Omaposti is your digital mailbox, which enables easy and convenient banking with us. Log in to Omaposti with your bank’s online banking codes. Log in to Omaposti.Opens new window

OmaLuotto service makes your life easier

It is available to you anywhere, anytime

OmaLuotto service is designed to make your everyday life easier. It allows you to manage your credit facility whenever it suits you. OmaLuotto-service provides a secure and encrypted connection and is available to you 24/7.

OmaLuotto-service is perfect for you if you do not have Nordea’s online banking codes or you have an Flexcredit from Nordea Finance and want to manage your credit account independently online.

You can start using OmaLuotto-service free of charge. 

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Car Finance Details

View your hire purchase agreement and outstanding debt in the Car finance self-service My pages

As a private customer, you can conveniently check your hire purchase agreement’s status online. You can log in to the service using any bank’s online banking codes. Read more and log in to My pages.Opens new window  

Google Pay

The mobile payment app for Android users

Google Pay is a quick and simple way to pay in stores, online and in apps. It works just like a contactless payment but has no limit. Simply unlock your phone and hold it close to the payment terminal. You won’t need to open any apps! Read more about Google Pay and download the app now. Read more about Google Pay and download the app now.  Opens new window

Nordea Mobile – Nordea’s mobile banking app

Nordea Mobile makes everyday banking quick and effortless. Download the app and see how handy it is. Experience having your bank in your pocket for the first time. You can use the app to bank, contact Nordea Customer Service by phone or chat and join online meetings. Read more about Nordea Mobile.

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Apple Pay

Next generation of payments

With Apple Pay you can easily pay for purchases using your iPhone in stores. Start using Apple Pay and link it to your Mastercard. It only takes a minute to activate. Try Apple Pay today! Activate Apple Pay now.Opens new window