Nordea Caravan Finance as your travelling companion

With our Caravan Finance, you are able to implement your travel plans

Once you have found a motor home or caravan that meets your needs, ask for Nordea Caravan Finance directly from the car dealership. The car dealership will then apply for the finance on your behalf and provide everything you will need for purchasing the recreational vehicle of your dreams.

“What does Nordea Caravan Finance mean?”

Caravan Finance is hire purchase, i.e. a form of financing targeted at owning an asset. The financing period will be agreed on in accordance with your needs, usually for 1–6 years.  In Caravan Finance, you will make a monthly repayment agreed on, and after you have repaid the finance in full, the title to the vehicle will be assigned to you.

“I found the motor home of my dreams, but where do I get the finance for it?”

You can request Nordea Caravan Finance directly from the car dealership. They will calculate the monthly payments and agreement period that are optimal for you and apply for the finance on your behalf before closing the deal on the vehicle.

“I prefer a used vehicle. Can I finance it with Caravan Finance?”

Yes. Both new and used vehicles can be financed with Nordea Caravan Finance.

“I cannot provide any security for the finance – is that a problem?”

No need to worry: in Nordea Caravan Finance, the asset to be financed is always accepted as security, and there is no need for separate security.

“I’m not a Nordea customer. Can I still apply for Nordea Caravan Finance?”

Of course you can! Nordea Caravan Finance is independent of your banking relationship, so we don’t require you to already be a Nordea customer.

“Can I go abroad with a motor home financed by Nordea?”

Yes. All you will need is an export licence from Nordea Finance Finland. Once you have it in your pocket, you can set off. The export licence will be valid for three months, and it will cost you 30 euros. Order the export licence to take your vehicle abroad hereOpens new window.

“What if I want to sell the asset in the middle of the agreement period or otherwise renounce the financing?”

Life situations may vary, so you can repay your Nordea Caravan Finance flexibly anytime, free of charge. 

“What is the easiest way of checking how much finance I still have to repay?”

You can easily check your remaining debt and other details of your finance, such as the due date or invoice reference number, in the Car Finance Details 24/7 online service. You can log in to the service hereOpens new window.  

“What will happen after I have repaid the finance in full?”

Once you have repaid the finance in full, we will assign the title to the vehicle to you. We will send you Traficom's certificate with which you can register the asset in your own name.

“I’m interested in Nordea Caravan Finance – where do I get more information?”

You can obtain further information on Nordea Caravan Finance directly from our cooperation partners, i.e. car dealerships selling motor homes and caravans. They are experts in finance and can calculate the optimal finance for you. 

Our Customer Service is also happy to help you in matters related to Caravan Finance. The contact information for the Customer Service is provided at the bottom of this page.

Nordea Caravan Finance in a nutshell

  • The agreement period may be 1–6 years.
  • The financed asset may be new or used.
  • The financing agreement has a fixed interest rate.
  • The asset stands as security – no other security is required.
  • The finance can be paid off anytime, free of charge.
  • The finance can be obtained directly from the car dealership.
  • It is independent of banking relationships; no previous customer relationship with Nordea is required.
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