Life situations may change, and your car should not stop you

You might want to change cars during the agreement period – and you can do so

“How can I trade in my car if I have a hire-purchase agreement?”

You can trade in your car for another car as long as your entire hire-purchase debt is repaid at the same time. Check the amount of your outstanding debtOpens new window and ask your car dealership for a trade-in price. In such a case, the car dealership will pay off the outstanding debt to Nordea Finance. It will also deliver a copy of the deed of transfer and the deed of sale to Nordea Finance. We will then send the registration certificate directly to the car dealership after having received the final payment. You may also wish to use the difference between the trade-in price and your outstanding debt as the deposit for your new car.

“I would like to trade in a leased car”

If you are looking to trade in a car mid-term, please contact the car dealership and salesperson from whom you leased the car. The salesperson will inspect the car and fill in a form regarding the termination of your agreement. Nordea Finance will make a calculation which will determine the costs arising from the termination of the agreement.

“I would like to sell my car to a private buyer” 

You are free to sell your vehicle to a third party other than a car dealership. Before selling, check your outstanding debt in the Car Finance self-service channels online by logging in with your bank’s online banking codes or by calling our Customer Service. 

Any outstanding debt must be repaid before selling the vehicle with the same payment details as the monthly hire-purchase payments. After this, Nordea Finance will send you the registration certificate. If you want the certificate to be sent directly to the buyer instead, send us a copy of the deed of transfer or the deed of sale by post or via Nordea Omaposti

Traficom’s deed of transferOpens new window or deed of sale must include the car’s, the seller’s (the borrower’s) and the buyer’s details as well as the borrower’s and buyer’s signatures and names in block letters.

“What do I do if I want to assign my agreement to another person?”

Hire purchase agreements are not usually assigned to another person. 

I want to know my outstanding debt

We have made it easy for you to check your outstanding debt in the Car Finance self-service channels. Log in with your bank’s online banking codes. You can also view your credit details in Nordea’s Netbank after you have added your loan there. 

It is also possible to find out your outstanding debt by calling our Customer Service. Please note that outstanding debt information is only disclosed to the borrower due to bank secrecy.

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