Contactless and mobile payments are quick and easy

Mobile payments and your card’s contactless payment feature give you more options.

A mobile payment is a good choice as you don’t need to carry your wallet or payment cards around – all you need to do is tap your smartphone or wearable on the payment terminal.  Moreover, there’s no cap on mobile payments – other than your card’s payment limit.

Contactless payment feature

You can use your card’s contactless payment feature to pay for purchases up to 50 euros. All new and renewed cards have this feature. If your card has a wave-like contactless payment symbol on the front side, it means you can use it to make contactless payments. If you are paying for purchases under 50 euros, all you need to do is tap your card on the payment terminal – there is no need to enter your PIN. Contactless payments can be made at all payment terminals which have the wave-like contactless payment symbol and are able to process contactless payments.

If you have a Finnair Plus, Stockmann or TUOHI Mastercard, contactless payments are made with your card’s credit facility. In this case, all contactless payments are charged from your credit account, regardless of whether your card is a combination card or a credit card.

How contactless payments work

When you are paying with your card that has the contactless payment feature for the first time, insert your card into the payment terminal and enter your PIN. The contactless payment feature on Finnair Plus Mastercards, Stockmann Mastercards and TUOHI Mastercards has been linked to the card’s credit facility. The contactless payment feature on your card is now activated, allowing you to pay for small purchases without entering your PIN.

Contactless payments make shopping easier and ensure that your PIN doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. You will continue to pay for larger purchases using your card’s PIN. For security reasons, payment terminals will occasionally ask you to enter your PIN when making a contactless payment.

Mobile payments

Pay with your phone – have your payment card always with you

With Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can easily pay for purchases in stores using your phone. It works like contactless payment but the only limit is your available balance. Add your Mastercard to the Apple Pay or Google Pay app so you can make payments with your phone whenever you need to.

You can activate your card in Apple Pay and Google Pay through Nordea Netbank or Nordea Mobile

If you don’t have Nordea online access codes, please contact our Customer Service and we will activate mobile payments for you.

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The Nordea Wallet mobile app will be discontinued on 12 June 2023
You can view your card transactions in Nordea Finance’s OmaLuotto service.
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If you have Nordea banks online access codes you can view your card transactions in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.