“Why do I need a license?”

Your car is officially owned by Nordea Finance until you have settled all of your repayments. 

“How do I request a license?” 

Order an export license via a digital form hereOpens new window.

“What do I need to get permission?”

You will get permission if: 

  • the repayments under your financing agreement are up to date
  • you have valid motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies and your premium payments are up to date
  • your insurance covers damage to your vehicle and the vehicle of the other party involved in your destinations.

“When should I request a license?”

You should order the export license about two weeks before leaving for abroad. We also recommend contacting your insurance company well in advance to make sure that you have sufficient insurance cover. An export license is subject to a charge; see our tariff hereOpens new window.

The export registration document is delivered to Nordea Omaposti. Log in to Nordea Omaposti with your bank's online banking codes. As a Nordea customers, the document is delivered also to Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile. If you are travelling outside Estonia or Skandinavia the document will be delivered also by post to your home address. 

“I forgot to request permission and I’m leaving for my trip today.”

No need to worry. We will process your request for an export license as urgent but the service fee will be slightly higher than usual. See our tariff hereOpens new window.

“For which countries can I get permission?”

All European countries. 

If your destination is Moldova, Kosovo or Turkey, please contact  our Customer ServiceOpens new window before your trip. Export registrations for moving a vehicle to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine are not granted until further notice. Your insurance company must provide us with a written confirmation of the validity of your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance in these countries if your insurance policy or the theft cover included in your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is not automatically valid in these countries. 

“For how long is my permission valid?”

In Europe, it is valid for the duration of your trip but no longer than six months. 

“What else do I need?”

When you travel to Åland from Finland, you won't need a permission to take your vehicle abroad. When travelling to Åland or abroad, you also need the technical part of the registration certificate which you can get from a vehicle inspection facility or Traficom’s My e-ServicesOpens new window.

Although Finnish motor liability insurance policies are valid in Russia, we may require taking out a voluntary motor liability insurance policy in order to ensure sufficient insurance cover. For further information, please contact our Customer ServiceOpens new window.  

When travelling outside the Nordic countries, you will also need your insurance company to provide you with a Green Card, which is an international certificate of valid motor liability insurance. For more information about the Green Card, please contact your insurance company or visit Insurance Centre’s website at vakes.fiOpens new window.

If you have any questions, you can reach our Customer Service

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