Bank digitally

You can tend to many banking matters related to credit cards and other finance easily in Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile and in the self-services provided by Nordea Finance whenever it suits you best. On this page, please see the list of the various functionalities and the digital channels available for them.

Use our self-service channels at your convenience

You can manage and view a number of matters in our self-service channels. Some of our services can be used with all banks’ online banking codes and some with Nordea’s access codes. We have compiled different kinds of operations and channels in the menus below to show you which channel you should use for a certain product or operation.


Credit cards and credits

TUOHI Mastercard, Stockmann Mastercard, Finnair Plus Mastercard, Joustorahoitus and Käyttöluotto are products you can manage in our self-services.

Please see the description below of how you can manage your Mastercard credit cards, Joustorahoitus and Käyttöluotto in the various services. 

Managing your card credits in self-services




Nordea Mobile (with Nordea ID app)

Nordea Netbank (with all banks’ online banking codes)
OmaLuotto (with all banks’ online banking codes)
Order a new card
Close a card temporarily or permanently 
Change the security limit on your card
Change the Internet usage of your card

Change the geographical restrictions on your card 

Check the PIN of your card
Add a PINX
Order a PIN by post         
Add a picture to your card
Change the due date       
Change the repayment percentage

Credit card transactions and balance

Add a card as a mobile payment cardX
Own transfer from credit to a bank account
Choose an instalment-free month           XX
Message to Nordea Customer Service
Car financing
Self-service channels