An honest Finnish payment method

Erämaksu is a flexible and easy way to pay. You can choose a monthly payment that suits your particular situation and see the total price you’ll pay for the purchase and credit already before your application is approved. No surprises or hidden fees. 

Erämaksu is available to the customers of all Finnish banks.

Benefits of Erämaksu for you  

  • Available to all Finnish banks’ customers 
  • Reasonable interest rate 12% + the 3-month Euribor 
  • Account management fee 0.01% of the credit amount granted per day (no more than EUR 3.00 per month)
  • No opening fee or annual fee 
  • Quick credit decision at checkout online
  • For purchases up to 30,000 euros 
  • You can choose a payment period between 3 and 59 months depending on the price of your purchase
  • You can pay off the credit whenever you like 
  • Our Finnish-speaking customer service is available to assist you online and by phone

6 facts about Erämaksu

  1. For one-time purchases between 500 and 30,000 euros 
  2. A one-off credit facility you can use to pay for an online purchase
  3. You can have multiple Erämaksu credit facilities at once 
  4. Available to the customers of all Finnish banks 
  5. You need online banking credentials from a Finnish bank or a mobile ID to apply 
  6. You must be 18 or older and have a clean credit record to apply


You receive an instant credit decision at checkout online

Erämaksu differs from other payment methods in that it’s reasonably priced and you get a credit decision instantly at checkout in the online store. There’s no need for you to visit your bank or online bank to have the credit approved. When you choose Erämaksu, you get the decision right away. 


You can have multiple Erämaksu credit facilities at once

Erämaksu is a one-off credit facility you repay in instalments of your choosing. You can have multiple Erämaksu credit facilities at once, for example, if you need to pay for a kitchen remodel and buy a new jetty for your holiday home.

Spread the cost of a larger purchase with Erämaksu

Erämaksu is a one-off credit facility available at checkout in our partners’ online stores. It allows you to make large purchases up to 30,000 euros at reasonable 12% interest plus the 3-month Euribor rate.

Frequently asked questions about Erämaksu

Erämaksu is a one-off credit facility with a fixed repayment period. With a 12-month repayment period, the 3-month Euribor (January 2023) + 12% as the credit interest rate and a monthly account management fee of 3.00 euros, the annual percentage rate of charge for a credit amount of 1,500 euros is 20.02%, the price of credit is 1,654 euros and the monthly repayment is 137.80 euros. The credit amount may range between 500 and 30,000 euros. The credit is granted by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd, Aleksis Kiven katu 9, Helsinki.



Interest rate 3-month Euribor + 12.00%  
Account management feeEUR 3.00 per month (but no more than 0.01% of the credit amount per day)
Opening or annual fee EUR 0.00
Change to the repayment schedule EUR 5.00 per change
Extension of the repayment period EUR 5.00 per change
Interest or balance query EUR 7.00 per statement
Copies of invoices and receiptsEUR 7.00 per copy
Obtaining the borrower’s up-to-date contact information EUR 10 per query
Written investigationsEUR 17.00 per hour or part of an hour

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