Tips for managing a student's everyday finances

Studying can be the best time of your youth, although financially this stage of life can be a bit challenging. Read our tips for a student's everyday life.

When life catches you by surprise

It’s sometimes impossible to predict all of your expenses. This is when a credit card suitable for a student can be useful. You can apply for a Mastercard as soon as you have been admitted to study at a university, university of applied sciences or another higher education institution. As a student, you’re not required to have a job or income to get a Mastercard.

Is Mastercard right for me?

It’s good to remember that a credit card is not meant for impulse purchases, but it gives you financial security in case of unexpected expenses. For example, students doing occasional short-term jobs may use a credit card to balance their finances. A credit card also makes travelling and online shopping easier and helps you purchase something a bit more expensive like furniture or a laptop. Still, you should keep in mind that you are of course responsible for how you use your card. When you get your credit card invoice, you can always choose to pay the minimum instalment indicated on the invoice, the entire credit debt or something in-between.

Tuohi Mastercard

Tuohi Mastercard electronics small

is the “other” card that comes with unique PriceGuard Insurance. You can decide yourself the repayment amounts of your purchases, and you can also transfer cash from the Tuohi Mastercard credit facility to your bank account.

Stockmann Mastercard


Stockmann Mastercard is the card for MyStockmann customers. It is an international charge and credit card, which also gives you access to the MyStockmann loyalty programme benefits.

Manage your money on the move

Nordea’s code app makes online shopping secure whether you bank with us or another Finnish bank. You can use Nordea Wallet to track the carbon footprint of your card purchases. And did you know that a Mastercard works for mobile payments as well?

Daily banking made easy

If you find it challenging to manage your finances, see how our daily banking tools, can help you prioritise your spending and save money. The first thing to do is to learn how to avoid the most common money pits.

OmaLuotto open 24/7

In the OmaLuotto service you can manage your credit cards with the banking codes you have from your bank whenever it best suits you. Check your transactions, select instalment-free months, change the due date of an invoice and more. If you are a Nordea customer, you can naturally do all of this easily in Nordea Netbank or Mobile, too.

We are here to help

If you need further advice or support, please contact our, Customer Service.

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