Credit card with no annual fee

Tuohi Mastercard is a credit card issued by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd without any annual fee. You can apply for a card easily online regardless of which bank’s customer you are. Tuohi Mastercards are accepted as means of payment anywhere Mastercards are accepted, and of course also online. As a holder of Tuohi Mastercard, you can pay your purchases in instalments, withdraw cash at ATMs in Finland and abroad and transfer cash from your credit facility to your bank account. The unique PriceGuard Insurance included in Tuohi Mastercards guarantees you the best price on the market.

Tuohi Mastercard is an international charge and credit card. The annual percentage rate of charge on 1,500 euros of outstanding credit is 28 % and the price of credit is 1,710 euros, when the nominal interest rate is the 3-month Euribor (November 2023) + 14% and the monthly account management fee of 5 euros have been taken into account. Tuohi Mastercard is a continuous credit facility which is valid until further notice, with a credit limit of 2,000–10,000 euros. The credit is granted by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd, Aleksis Kiven katu 9, Helsinki.

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tuohi-web-640x360-koroton-maksuaikaInterest-free payment period

If you want, you can pay off all the purchases you have made with Tuohi Mastercard when you get the invoice. When you pay your purchases with Tuohi Mastercard, you will always get an average interest-free payment period of 30 days. During this interest-free period, you only have to pay the account management fee of 5 euros and, if you have opted for a paper invoice, a fee of 3 euros per invoice. The account management fee will only be charged if you have an outstanding credit balance. Tuohi Mastercard comes without an annual fee.

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Pay you purchases is instalments

You will get an invoice once a month and when you receive the invoice, it is up to you to decide if you want to pay the minimum instalment, the total amount or something in between. If you pay your purchases in smaller instalments, you will also be charged the interest (3-month Euribor + 14%), a monthly account management fee of 5 euros and a fee of 3 euros for any paper invoices, in accordance with the agreement terms and conditions.

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tuohi-web-640x360-lyhennysvapausInstalment-free months

As a holder of Tuohi Mastercard, you are entitled to a payment holiday. During the instalment-free period, you do not need to amortise your credit, but the account management fee and interest for an instalment-free month will be included in the next monthly repayment. You can select two (non-successive) instalment-free months a year. Please note that you cannot combine the instalment-free months with invoicing of equal-payment purchases. To take an instalment-free month, go to the OmaLuotto service or Nordea Netbank or call Nordea Finance Finland’s Customer Service.

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