Identity documents issued by Finnish authorities

  • Passport, diplomatic passport (excl. alien’s passports)
  • Seaman’s passport
  • ID card (issued by a Finnish authority after 1 March 1999, not temporary)
  • Finnish driving licence, issued after 1 October 1990 (big plastic driving licences and more recent ones) Please note the exceptions below: 
    • A driving licence containing information that it has been exchanged is not accepted. You can identify an ‘exchanged’ driving licence from the reverse side. Depending on the model of the driving licence, row 12 or column 12 of the special conditions includes the number 70, the number of the driving licence and the code of the issuing country, e.g. 70.0123456789.NL.

    • A mobile driving licence is not accepted.
    • If the document is a big plastic driving licence that does not contain all necessary details, such as the issue date, put the date preceding the current date as the issue date and 000 (or other) as the document number.

Travelling documents issued by a foreign authority and accepted by Finland

  • Passport (excl. alien’s passports and passports issued by Somalia or Somaliland)
  • ID card issued by an EEAOpens new window authority (incl. San Marino and Switzerland), if it
  • is a travel document and
  • has a photo and
  • is valid for a fixed period (e.g. for five years) and
  • has security features (a chip or a hologram or other security features)
  • Irish, Norwegian and Danish ID cards are not accepted (these countries don’t have an official ID card).