What is leasing?

Leasing means long-term rental of movable fixed assets. It is the right fit for your company if you are planning to acquire equipment or machinery that will lose its value quickly and your company does not want to tie up assets in owning it.

Leasing means long-term rental of movable fixed assets. A lease agreement is typically concluded between three parties: the vendor of the machine or equipment, Nordea Finance as the lessor and your company as the lessee.

To put it simply, we will buy the equipment from the vendor and rent it to your company for a predetermined monthly lease payment.

There are also alternatives to leasing – your company can take out a loan to pay for the machinery or equipment or enter into a hire purchase agreement with the company that sells the equipment. If neither of these feel right, we recommend learning more about leasing.

In most cases, our customers have leased vehicles, IT or office equipment, medical equipment or other machinery and equipment.

With leasing, your company does not need large amounts of capital and the lease payments are amortised over the period during which the machinery or equipment is used. There is no need for separate security, either, as the machine or equipment to be acquired will be used as security.

Read more about our leasing options below and contact us.

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AssetMaster is a comprehensive solution for your company to finance and manage your movable fixed assets cost-effectively.

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Financial leasing is a smart way to take care of your company’s car needs. The car is used as security and there are no restrictions regarding kilometre allowances.

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Full-service leasing is a long-term equipment or car rental which includes a wide range of services and the possibility to add additional services. It is a convenient solution in which the leasing company owns the equipment and the cars, bears the depreciation risk and covers all costs related to technical servicing and repairs.

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