Full-service leasing – get a new car for a monthly lease payment with all after sales services included

Full-service leasing is a long-term rental agreement for vehicles in which the customer only pays for the use of the car. Servicing is included in the lease. The parties agree on the lease period as well as on the kilometre allowance; 36 months/60,000 kilometres, for example. The agreement period and the kilometre allowance can be adjusted during the lease, if needed.

Nordea Finance’s affiliate NF Fleet is responsible for Nordea’s full-service leasing operations..

Full-service leasing in brief

Enjoy the freedom of a lease car for an agreed monthly payment.

  • Long-term 2–5-year lease agreement for a new car 

The fixed monthly lease payment includes:

  • Regular servicing in accordance with the car’s servicing schedule
  • Possible temporary replacement vehicle until your car is fixed (max 2 days, 100 kilometres per day)
  • Possible regular inspection
  • 24/7 roadside assistance for the entire agreement period
  • Tyre replacement and fitting the car with seasonal tyres
  • Repair costs resulting from normal wear and tear

Benefits of a full-service lease

Get a new car for a monthly lease payment with all after sales services included.

  • Your company does not have to tie capital to owning the car – you only pay for the use
  • No risk of depreciation
  • Easy and comprehensive solution for your company’s car finance needs
  • The car serves as security
  • Affordable Nordea Fleet insurance available as an ancillary service
  • Kilometre allowance agreed beforehand  
Amendments to the agreement and invoicing
Taking your lease car abroad
Trade-in, servicing and inspections
Changes to your vehicle registration
Upon the expiry of the agreement


Got into an accident? Not to worry. Read what to do here.

File a claim to your insurance company and notify us of the incident. Send the claim signed by the lessee and the driver to your insurance company. If the incident has been reported to the police, please append the police report to your claim or send it to the insurance company separately as soon as possible.

Any damage to your car must be fixed at an authorised repair shop. Before repairing the car, the repair shop must get invoicing permission from the insurance company. The policyholder is liable for the insurance deductible.

If your lease agreement includes an insurance policy provided by the insurance company If, you can file your claim online at www.if.fi/nordearahoitus.

Change of insurance company

If you want to switch your insurance company, fill in an insurance application in the insurance company of your choice and ask them to provide us with the details of your new insurance.

If switching your insurance company requires changes to your vehicle registration, ask the insurance company to send us a change request and your insurance certificate.

This change is subject to a fee charged by Traficom and a fee set in our currently valid tariff.


If you wish to buy the car, a representative of your insurance company must contact our Customer Service.