Nordea ID app for corporate customers

You can now use your Nordea ID app to log in to Nordea Finance’s online service, too!

Times change. For the better.

Scrap your paper code card and switch to our Nordea ID app.

The Nordea ID app allows you to give up the paper code card and strike out codes when logging in to Netbank. It is also an easy and quick way to log in to our online service.

The Nordea ID app is now available to Nordea Finance’s corporate customers

If you want to start using the Nordea ID app as your identification method, you must renew your online service agreement in which you accept the new agreement terms and conditions and practices.

We renew agreements for each finance product separately and send the updated online service agreement for you to sign. Activating the Nordea ID app requires that the signed agreement documents have been returned to Nordea Finance. We will provide the users with the activation codes for the Nordea ID app gradually during this year.

The Nordea ID app is always the default choice for the customers. If the customer does not have a mobile device, we will provide these users with the code calculator later. Please note that the Nordea ID app for Nordea Finance’s corporate customers is activated differently than for personal customers.

Benefits of the Nordea ID app:

  • Easy to use
  • Access codes are always with you in your mobile device
  • You will never run out of codes
  • You can activate several user accounts in the same app, such as your personal user account and business user account.

To learn more about the renewal of Nordea Finance customers’ online service agreements and activating the Nordea ID app, email us at or call us at 09 0800 90550

It’s time to start using the Nordea ID app!

The Nordea ID app is a new way to log in to Nordea Finance’s online service. With the app, you can identify yourself in Nordea Finance’s online service and use the service. You can do your own and your company’s banking with one and the same app by adding another user account. Using Nordea Finance’s online service with the app requires a valid online service agreement. If it is not possible for you to use the Nordea ID app, we will provide you with a code calculator.

If you need any help in activating the code app, please contact us at 09 0800 90550 or send an email to

Activate the Nordea ID app

You can start using the Nordea ID app after you have received your activation code and temporary PIN by post.

  1. Download the Nordea ID app from your mobile device’s app store. If you already have the Nordea ID app in personal use, for example, see the instructions on how to add another user account.
  2. After you have downloaded the app, start the activation process of the app. Please do not enter the activation code in the app before you have received the temporary PIN by post. 
  3. Open the app on your mobile device and select “Nordea Finance Finland” in the menu. Select the language.
  4. Enter your activation code and temporary PIN.
  5. Choose your own PIN for the app and enter the PIN again. In future, you will always use the PIN you chose. Next, the app asks you to name the user account, for example “Nordea Finance corporate customer”.
  6. You’re all set! From now on, you will log in to Nordea Finance’s online service by selecting the Nordea ID app tab on the log-in page of Corporate Classic Netbank and entering your user ID. Netbank will ask you to open the Nordea ID app and enter your personal PIN on your mobile device.
How to add another user account
A code calculator