Boost your business with non-recourse factoring

Increase your working capital

Non-recourse factoring is a great solution for larger companies that want to improve their balance sheet and key figures in addition to getting finance. In non-recourse factoring, you can sell both your domestic and international accounts receivable. The purchase price of the accounts receivable is paid to the seller in either one (100%) or two (90/10%) instalments. 

Benefits for your business

  • Increase your working capital 
  • No increase in debt – we pay you a price for the receivables which can be recognized as cash.
  • If the freed-up capital is used to amortise your debt, your balance sheet and key figures will improve. 
  • A fully electronic process streamlines your administrative workflow and reduces manual work. 

Non-recourse factoring is not suitable for:

  • Consumer invoicing or milestone payments
  • Project invoicing