Forms of investment finance

Nordea Finance offers leasing and hire purchase as finance options for your investments. With our investment finance products, you can fund your company’s movable fixed assets from small IT equipment to large manufacturing machinery.

The financed assets serve as security. The security value of the asset depends on how well it retains its value and whether there is a sizeable secondary market for it.

Leasing is a good option when your company only wants to pay for the use of equipment and owning the equipment is less important. Hire purchase, on the other hand, is right for your company when you want to own the equipment.

Equipment lease: use an asset without ownership

When your business is looking to make investments but the goal is not to own the asset purchased, leasing may be a smart option to consider.

Some of the benefits of equipment leasing include:

  • Having pre-agreed monthly lease payments that you can budget for
  • Equipment lease is tax-deductible
  • Servicing and management services included in the monthly lease payment
  • Equipment lease can be used to finance cars, computers, office equipment, medical equipment and agricultural equipment and machinery, among others.
  • Leasing financing we offer: financial leasing, full-service leasing and AssetMaster.

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AssetMaster is a comprehensive solution for your company to finance and manage your movable fixed assets cost-effectively.

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Financial leasing Opens new window

Financial leasing is a smart way to take care of your company’s car needs. The car is used as security and there are no restrictions regarding kilometre allowances.

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Full-service leasing Opens new window

Full-service leasing is a long-term equipment or car rental which includes a wide range of services and the possibility to add additional services. It is a convenient solution in which the leasing company owns the equipment and the cars, bears the depreciation risk and covers all costs related to technical servicing and repairs.

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Hire purchase finance – when ownership matters

When the need arises for your company to make investments in movable fixed assets, you may consider hire purchase finance as an option. Hire purchase is a good way to finance your company’s investments when the acquired asset has a long economic life. The financed asset, whether new or used, serves as primary security. 

  • Financing share up to 80%.
  • Financed asset serves as primary security
  • Customer gets a VAT deduction on the purchase price right away
  • Interest is tax-deductible
  • Depreciation in bookkeeping can be entered immediately
  • Funding from the ELY Centre can be used. Please note! This does not apply to agricultural subsidies and forestry support.
  • Finance can be paid off early without extra costs
  • Inexpensive insurance policy can be included in the monthly payments
  • Our hire purchase finance options include car finance, FiksuDiili and acquisition finance

Buy your cars on hire purchase Opens new window

Financing your company’s car needs with hire purchase ensures monthly payments that suit your budget. Hire purchase agreements can be made for both new and used cars. The car itself serves as security, so there is no need for separate security.

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Acquisition finance Opens new window

Acquisition finance is a good way to finance your company’s investments when the acquired asset has a long economic life. Your company will become the owner of the asset after the agreement period has ended.

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