An easy and flexible financing solution for your company to finance all movable fixed assets

What is AssetMaster?

AssetMaster is a leasing limit within which you can purchase and finance movable fixed assets. 

  • AssetMaster is a leasing solution for long-term leasing of movable fixed assets for a pre-agreed lease period and monthly lease.
  • With AssetMaster, you can finance machinery, equipment and vehicles as well as IT equipment and office technology.
  • The terms and conditions of the leasing limit are laid down in a framework agreement, which means that there is no need for any individual lease agreements.
  • The vendor sends the invoice on your purchase directly to Nordea Finance. You can then accept the financing in our online service.
  • The lease payments enable you to use the limit for any new purchases. 

Why choose AssetMaster?

AssetMaster makes it easier for your company to manage its acquisition processes and equipment portfolio. 

  • AssetMaster is an easy, comprehensive solution if your company needs to finance many purchases.
  • There is no need for separate financing negotiations for every purchase – you will save time and can focus on your core business!
  • Management and maintenance of the equipment portfolio is easy in our Finance Online service.
  • Your designated contact person will help and support you in all matters.
  • You will get all benefits of lease financing with AssetMaster:
  • The financed asset serves as collateral. 
  • No capital tied – pay for what you use
  • Having pre-agreed lease payments makes planning and budgeting easier
  • Cost efficiency and flexible cash management
  • Flexible solutions after the financing period

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