Pay only for the use of car

For a financial lease, you will be charged a fixed monthly lease payment and you only pay for what you use

A financial lease is a rental agreement in which your company only pays for the use of a car. Servicing is not included in the monthly lease payments. The customer is liable for the residual value determined in the financial lease agreement. On the expiry of the agreement period, the car is usually sold to the car dealership. If the sales price exceeds the residual value, the difference is refunded to the customer. If the sales price is lower than the residual value, the difference is charged to the customer.

Finance leasing in brief:

  • Long-term 2–5-year lease agreement for a new car
  • Option to include an affordable comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy in the lease payments
  • Car serves as security
  • Initial deposit is 10–20% of the price of the new car
  • Fixed monthly lease payments, excluding servicing
  • No kilometre restrictions
  • Customer is responsible for the residual value at the end of the agreement
  • The difference between the sales price and the residual value is refunded to the customer or the negative difference is charged to the customer

Benefits for your business:

  • Your capital is not tied up to owning the car – you only pay for the use
  • Lease car is an off-balance-sheet arrangement and the lease payments are booked as expenses
  • You can choose the make, model and car dealership yourself
  • You are free to trade in the car for another during the agreement period

Amendments to the agreement and invoicing
Taking your vehicle abroad
Trading in and selling your card
Changes to your vehicle registration
Inspection of your lease car
Expiry of the agreement and returning of the car