Fund your company’s working capital investments with acquisition finance

Acquisition finance, i.e. hire purchase, is a good way to finance your company’s investments when the acquired asset has a long economic life. Your company will become the owner of the asset after the agreement period has ended. The asset may be new or used.

Benefits for your business

You can use acquisition finance to acquire assets, such as manufacturing and other machinery, transport vehicles and other equipment necessary for your business operations. The asset may be new or used.

  • The financed asset serves as security
  • Ensures up-to-date equipment
  • Compatible with investment aid from the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
  • Easier budgeting and financial planning

Acquisition finance in brief

Your company will become the owner when you've made the last payment

The Finnish hire-purchase act governs the use of acquisition finance. The financier has the right of reservation of ownership to the financed asset throughout the financing period, but your company can post depreciations in bookkeeping as usual.

The interest on a hire purchase installment is a tax-deductible expense, and you can deduct VAT from the entire purchase price right away. Your company will automatically become the owner of the asset when you have made the last payment.

  • The self-financing share may include both down payment and trade-ins
  • Maximum financing period is 5 years
  • You can repay as an annuity or in equal installments
  • The asset must be delivered acceptably before payment to the seller
  • The asset must be insured
  • You can pay off the entire amount mid-term without any extra costs.