Offering finance solutions is good customer service

Whether you have an online store or a physical store, we can help you offer your customers credit cards, one-off credit or more finance to cover larger expenses, such as renovation costs.

We enable your company to offer consumers finance on products or services. This can be either one-off credit or a credit account, allowing you to choose the right fit for your products and customers.  

Your customer does not need any separate security. The credit application is made at the time of purchasing. After receiving a favourable decision, the customer gets to take the product home instantly and your company will be paid swiftly.

The credit application is made online in our credit decision service. This service can also be integrated in your online store, allowing the customer to also apply for finance there directly. 

Benefits for your customers

  • An effortless and easy finance solution
  • No need for collateral 
  • Get an interest-free repayment period
  • Repayment is flexible – choose a monthly payment that suits you 
  • Take payment free months when needed
  • Pay off your finance whenever you like without any extra fees
  • Interest on credit related to construction and major renovation is tax-deductible just as the interest on your housing loan
  • If the delivery includes installation, you can utilise the household tax relief for the installation.

Benefits for your business

  • Vendor finance solutions help with customer acquisition and increasing sales
  • Paying on finance complements other payment options
  • Nordea Finance takes care of invoicing and collection for you

Uusi Erämaksu täydentää verkkokauppasi maksuvalikoimaa

Uusi Erämaksu on tarkoitettu myynnin rahoittamiseen verkkokaupassa. Kuluttaja-asiakkaasi hakee erämaksun nopeasti ja kätevästi verkkokauppaostoksen yhteydessä, mikä helpottaa ja nopeuttaa asiakkaan ostopäätöstä isommissa hankinnoissa. Erämaksu on Nordea Rahoitus Suomi Oy:n myöntämä kertaluontoinen luotto, jonka asiakas maksaa takaisin valitsemissaan erissä.

Erämaksun ominaisuudet

  • Kertaluotto 500 – 30.000 €:n ostoksiin 
  • Määrä on sama kuin ostoksen hinta (+ korko ja kulut)
  • Asiakas päättää itse erien määrän ja suuruuden 
  • Asiakkaalla voi olla useampi Erämaksu samanaikaisesti 
  • Hakemiseen tarvitaan suomalainen pankkitunnus tai mobiilivarmenne 
  • Hakijan on oltava vähintään 18-vuotias ja ilman maksuhäiriöitä 
  • Kohtuullinen korko 12 % + 3 kk euribor 
  • Tilinhoitomaksu 0,01 % myönnetystä luoton määrästä/pv, enintään 3 €/kk
  • Erämaksua voivat hakea kaikkien pankkien asiakkaat 
  • Nopea luottopäätös oston yhteydessä.
  • Asiakkaittesi ostopäätösten teko on monipuolisempaa, kun tarjolla on rahoitusratkaisu.

Lue lisää Erämaksusta. 

Pay everywhere with TUOHI Mastercard

TUOHI Mastercard is a continuous credit facility available to consumer customers. TUOHI is an international charge card and credit card, which your customer can use to pay for their purchases online and in stores. In addition, it can be used in every point of sale that accepts Mastercards.

The credit decision is made at your store. After receiving a favourable credit decision, the customer is free to close the deal.

  • Offering a finance solution gives your customers more variety in making their purchase decisions.
  • TUOHI is a great sales tool and completely risk-free for you as the merchant.
  • Offer your customer TUOHI Mastercard as a finance solution. Many customers find it easier to balance their finances when they do not have to pay for their purchases at once.
  • You can encourage your customer to make a purchase decision by offering them a finance solution that fits their needs and a sufficient repayment period.
  • Payments are processed quickly and confirmed automatically, which makes selling secure.
  • We will credit the value of the purchase made by your customer with their TUOHI Mastercard to your company’s account in a few days.
  • Nordea Finance makes all credit decisions concerning TUOHI Mastercards and bears the credit risk. 
  • If you facilitate TUOHI Mastercard credit and accept TUOHI Mastercard as a means of payment, you can put up the TUOHI Mastercard sticker on your door immediately! 
  • Send us a contact request by clicking the “Become one of our vendor partners” link below.

Joustorahoitus makes home renovations and larger purchases a reality

With Joustorahoitus, your customer can borrow up to 25,000 euros.

It is a continuous credit account with no card offered to consumer customers. Nordea Finance makes all credit decisions concerning Joustorahoitus and bears the credit risk.

Joustorahoitus allows your customer to fund larger purchases on the spot and repay their credit in monthly payments that suit their budget. Joustorahoitus does not require any security or guarantors.

Joustorahoitus can be used to finance, for example; 

  • any equipment that does not require registration 
  • recreational products
  • construction and renovation services 
  • medical expenses, dental care or plastic surgery.

Your customer can apply for Joustorahoitus in your store or when making renovation plans, for instance. After receiving a favourable credit decision, your customer can pay for their purchase on credit on the spot!

We do not require a down payment or security, and the ownership of the asset is assigned to the customer at the time of purchasing.

If you want to include Joustorahoitus in the payment methods you offer to your customers, send us a contact request by clicking the “Become one of our vendor partners” link above. 

Add eCredit as an finance option to your online store

eCredit is offered to your consumer customers as a one-off credit to pay for their online purchases. It is added to your online store as one of the payment methods you offer. We make credit decisions regarding eCredit quickly round the clock. Your customer can apply for eCredit using their own bank’s online banking codes, making it a great option for the customers of nearly every Finnish bank. 


Your company receives the money swiftly – usually within one banking day after the product or service has been delivered. 

  • We pay you 100% of the value of the purchase as we do not charge any commission for eCredit.

  • The amount of the purchase may range from 200 to 10,000 euros.

  • Your online store has a shopping cart function. 

  • Your online store is governed by the Finnish law.

  • You can become an eCredit merchant if you have a Finnish online store.

  • Your company’s financial information is good (also regarding key persons in the background of your business operations) and it has been operational for at least one financial period.

  • Your company has a bank account with Nordea (payments are made to your Nordea account).

  • Send us a contact request by clicking the “Become one of our vendor partners” link above.