Machinery and equipment

Nordea Finance offers your company comprehensive finance solutions for selling transport vehicles, machinery and equipment. You will also be provided with tools to increase the profitability of your sales.

By offering your customers finance options in the early stages of planning, you can make decision-making easier for them.

In addition to the actual financing, we provide additional services and planning tools to support your sales.

Benefits of vendor partnership for your company:

  • Improves your competitiveness and mark-up
  • Tools for sales planning and customer relationship management
  • Added value to your sales
  • Sales support material and training
  • Easy way for the customer to acquire machinery and equipment

Requirements for vendor partners

Nordea offers its vendor partnership concept to both existing and potential corporate customers.

The operations of a vendor partner must be established and profitable, and its customer finance must be based on the customers’ recurring financing needs. This will enable a close and profitable partnership from the vendor’s as well as Nordea Finance’s perspective.