PriceGuard Insurance

A job offer from another town, a broken washing machine, a positive result in a pregnancy test, an irresistible mountain bike… At times, you may face unexpected situations in which you should not rely on one card only. Luckily, in case of the unexpected, you can use Tuohi Mastercard, the “other” card.

Shop without regrets – your card's PriceGuard Insurance guarantees you the best price

Have you sometimes found out that an item you just bought is sold cheaper next door? Doesn't that feel annoying? For such situations, your Tuohi Mastercard includes unique PriceGuard Insurance. 

If you find a product you bought with your Tuohi Mastercard at a cheaper price in a Finnish physical or online shop within 30 days, you can seek compensation for the price difference from the PriceGuard Insurance included in your card. If the insurance terms and conditions are met, the difference will be credited to your account directly. The insurance is provided by Tryg. Shop without regrets – the best price guaranteed with PriceGuard Insurance.

PriceGuard insurance is the best companion to a bargain hunter

PriceGuard Insurance is a free additional benefit that comes automatically with your card. It helps you make your purchases in Finland at the best possible price. This means that the PriceGuard Insurance will compensate for the difference if you purchase a product at a higher price compared to the price at which the same item is sold somewhere else in Finland within 30 days of your purchase.  If the insurance terms and conditions are met, the difference will be credited to your account directly. The prerequisite for the refund is that you have made your purchase at shop in Finland or in a Finnish online shop and paid the purchase in full with your Tuohi Mastercard. The product-specific minimum refund is 20 euros and the maximum refund 500 euros. PriceGuard Insurance is issued by Tryg. The insurance covers any purchases made on your Tuohi Mastercard except where the Nordea Tuohi Mastercard is issued in conjunction with the first purchase at a store, that first purchase made in conjunction with the application and issuance of the Nordea Tuohi Mastercard will not be covered from the PriceGuard Insurance. 

Read more about how PriceGuard Insurance works or apply for a refund of a price difference.

SMART CHOICE FOR OTHER BANKS´ CUSTOMERS AS WELL. Your current account can be in any Finnish bank, and you can transfer money with your Tuohi Mastercard from your credit facility to your bank account and track your card transactions or make changes to your credit with the easy-to-use OmaLuotto service.

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