With FiksuDiili is offered by Nordea Finance Finland and Laakkonen, you can hit the road in a new car every 2–4 years and only pay a fixed monthly payment.

“How much is the monthly payment then?”

It depends on the car, accessories, agreement period and the agreed kilometre allowance. 

“Do I need to place a down payment and security?”

There is no need for a down payment or security, as the car serves as security.  

“Can the payment amount vary month to month?”

The monthly payment is fixed throughout the agreement period and is always the same. If you accrue excess kilometres, they will be charged separately when the agreement ends.

“Are there any additional costs?”

You will need to pay the vehicle tax and take out motor liability and all-risk insurance policies. You will also need to have your car serviced in accordance with the regular maintenance schedule. To accommodate for this, you can make a separate service and maintenance agreement.

“What is the kilometre allowance?”

We will set a kilometre limit between 40,000 and 120,000 kilometres depending on the length of your agreement period. Apart from that, you can use the car as your own. We can also raise the kilometre allowance if your needs change in the middle of the agreement period. 

“What happens if I go over my kilometre allowance?”

We have agreed on an excess kilometre charge of EUR 0.11 per kilometre, which you will pay at the end of your agreement, if need be.

“What if I want to terminate my agreement early or trade in my car for a new one?”

If there are changes in your life and you have to give up your FiksuDiili car in the middle of the agreement period, please contact the car dealership. They will help you find the best solution. You should also contact the car dealership if you wish to trade in your car in the middle of the agreement period. 

“What do I do when the agreement ends?”

  1. You can return the car. Send us a message via Nordea Omaposti about returning the car at least 1 month before the last payment. Also remember to contact the car dealership to agree on the return date and time. 
  2. You can buy the car for yourself.
  3. You can apply for a new FiksuDiili agreement and a new car.  

“Where can I get this FiksuDiili?”

FiksuDiili hire purchase finance is available at Laakkonen’s dealerships and on their websiteOpens new window.



  • No down payment needed
  • Car serves as security
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Agreement for 2–4 years
  • Predetermined kilometre allowance
  • No risk of depreciation when you make your monthly payments according to the repayment plan.
  • At the end of the agreement, you can return the car to the dealership or extend your existing agreement.  

FiksuDiili's Tariff

Valid as from 1 Dec 2019

FiksuDiili's Tariff
Invoicing fee per instalment
9 €
Change to repayment plan30 €
Assignment of an agreement200 €
Registration changes (registration costs subject to Traficom’s currently valid tariff are added to the price)30 €

Selling the asset to someone else than a domestic cash buyer for 1% of the purchase price, min.

300 €
Copy of receipts or agreements, ordered reports, liabilities statement30 €
Driving instruction permit30 €

Export registration

Urgent, same-day processing

30 €

55 €

Investigations/alterations agreed on separately, hourly rate in euros, min. 75 €75 €

Reminder letter/call (no VAT added)

5 €

Cancellation of termination of agreement175 €

Currently valid value added tax is added to the prices. Deviations may be made from this tariff by virtue of the agreement terms and conditions. In addition, any external expenses incurred by Nordea Finance Finland from a measure are charged

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